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Sponsoring The Long Horse Ride - Beijing to London 

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Megan Lewis Arrives in London in time for the 2012 Olympics

Beijing 2008 Olympics

6000+ mile FnE saddle and AirFlow numnah

London 2012 Oympics

Megan had quite a tight schedule to get from the east coast of China to the London Olympics. There was one thing for certain that could wreck her plans, that was to have her horses get sore backs and this is why she contacted FnE Saddles. Megan knew that the FnE saddles were successfully used in competitive endurance riding, she also understood the simple adjustability of the saddle to fit to different horses. Simply, she asked and we sponsored her with two FnE Trekker Saddles. Doing a sponsorship like this is not easy as there a so many happenings that could make it fail. However we were confident in our product and in Megan’s saddle fitting ability (after some saddle adjustment training) and in her determination and dedication to detailed journey planning.

The roots of the FnE saddle design came from experience with our own horses, Tiffany in particular, and the Universal Pattern Military Saddle, still used today. The UP saddle has a long history and not always good until the UK was involved in the Palestinian Protectorate between the wars. The military ‘top brass’ relented on the rules and allowed the UP saddle to be altered to fit the horse it was assigned to. They had to, as they would not have had enough horses in work to carry out one of the first skirmish conflicts requiring quick dashes from place to place. Yes saddles damaged horses if one stuck to the rule book. Tiffany’s comments on prototypes were direct and expressive, however in time she changed from unridable to a wonderful ride as the design evolved.

The FnE saddle is designed to have a dynamic response to fit to the moving horse, (rather than the common practice of fitting a saddle to the standing horse) causing the large surface area of the panels, sitting on the horse, to maintain an even, well distributed pressure pattern. The saddle build uses modern strong flexible materials, unlike the inflexible wood panels in the UP saddle, together with advanced engineering techniques combined with a traditional leather covered seat and leg flaps. The saddle is perhaps the most adjustable saddle in the world: wither fit, seat balance, stirrup position, girth position, balance for asymmetrical horses and riders.

As Megan says:

"Even though I was riding day after day for eight hours a day I never had a problem with a horse’s back - it was a load off my mind"


FnE Stirrup Straps

Designed and made in the UK

    • easy to adjust
    • no buckle
    • strong, but not recommended for jumping
    • comfortable
    • no pinching
    • less bulk

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Cumbrian Heavy Horses have16 FnE Saddles

Annie Rose says:

"If I ask a horse to do a half or full day ride I KNOW that that horse is comfortable and will therefore enjoy his day, too."

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Variable Girthing System


No other saddle has a girthing system which can be tuned to the shape of your horse so allowing complete shoulder freedom for a flowing stride in any activity you choose.


Kirsty Wiscombe & Yawl Hillbilly

Kirsty and Billy are the highest ranked Open British Horse & Rider Combination in the FEI Endurance Rankings 2010

Billy is 7 years old and started his riding career with a FnE saddle

Kirsty Wiscombe & Eskar at Reg Dragon 2010

Eskar is the highest ranked Open British Horse in the FEI Endurance Rankings 2010


Beth Langley & Tissy

4th FEI Young Riders Championships 2010
Beth's horse HS Ametista (Tissy) - Highest Ranked FEI Young Rider Horse 2010
Beth & Tissy Highest Ranked FEI  Young Rider & Horse Combination 2010

Tissy has been trained and competed in the FnE saddle for all the 7 years of her competitive history

Megan reaches the Chinese/Kazakh border after crossing the Gobi Desert

Read more at on Megan's Blog

Val Cammock & Boris using the T-GIRTH System at Royalties Ride

"Now that was really great. It is the first time this year that I have been able to enjoy competing on Boris, look at the country side and get back with a (Day 1) snorty, (Day 2) still bouncy horse.

I also managed to get off rather than slide off, and to run a bit at the final trot up! We came in with a grade 2 on day 1 and a grade 4 on day 2 which is also pretty good for him as he has not had a lot of time to come back to fitness after 2 months off work."
Read Val's Article

Denise Parker & Shannon
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